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Single Drive Converter Cabinet Units SINAMICS V50
• Voltage: 380~415V
• Power range:55~500kW
• SINAMICS V50 are suitable for drive applications with quadratic load, (M~n2), linear torque and constant power. Typical applications:
• Fans
• Pumps
• SINAMICS V50 have been optimized to the requirements of various applications, such as power, water, wasted water, oil, and gas, chemical, cement, mining, metallurgy, specially, with the electric power application option.
• High quality cabinet units
• Cabinet units - Ensure high quality of entire frequency-variable system
• Compact cabinet design - saving 30% footprint area.
• Adopt high quality cabinet frame
• Adopt high quality low voltage components inside
• Complete electricity protection inside
• Pass strict tests of cabinet
• Benefit
Save energy - reduces operation cost, get investment reward soon, a perfect choice in retrofit project from fixed-speed motors to frequency-variable ones.
• The manufacturing meet the strict request of high quality standard, the products have high reliability、 usability and functionality .
• More components in standard configuration including EMC filter (second environment )
• 8MF cabinet
• Degree of protection IP20 as standard
• Operation panel BOP2 as standard
• Input line connector
• Output motor connector
• Standard main switch with fuses
• Input reactor as standard
• Power block
• Cooling fan
• Control board
• RS485 interface
• Analog/digital terminal interface block
• Protection cover